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Located on scenic Vineyard Canyon Road, the Ranch sits high atop Vineyard Mountain. This Ranch Retreat is the epitome of pristine beauty – with majestic views, privacy and tranquility. Taking in the highest point on the north end of Vineyard Canyon, at more than 2,750 ft., the Ranch encompasses Vineyard Mountain and the magnificent surrounding hilltops, then descends down towards the Cholame Valley to the northwest and Vineyard Canyon to the south. An unrivaled combination of rustic landscapes with pastoral scenery on thousands of acres make Vineyard Mountain Ranch the perfect retreat, with the feeling of seclusion, yet it is only minutes from town.

ranch views from vineyard mountain ranch in the paso robles wine region

This awe-inspiring place is the essence of central California. Resplendent with breathtaking views, the mostly rolling hills and lush meadows are covered with wild oats & native grasses and literally thousands of mature oak & pine trees throughout the Ranch, embodying the open rangeland that defines California, at its best. Situated in the Parkfield area of southern Monterey County, this property is all about Privacy and the Views, both the Antelope grade to the east and the Three Sisters and the coastal range to the west, can be seen from this high ground. On the Ranch, with meadow views and mountain views, Mother Nature shows off her best here – foliage, natural springs and ponds with and abundance of wildlife and a mild climate. With today’s amenities at your fingertips and nature’s own beauty, the best of both worlds is Vineyard Mountain Ranch.

ranch views from vineyard mountain ranch in the paso robles wine region

Accessible year-round, with 20+ miles of roads traversing the farthermost reaches of the ranch, the entire property is fenced and cross fenced for livestock pastures. The ranch enjoys a mild central coast climate and a gentle breeze most afternoons. A micro-climate unique to the hilltop keeps the ranch cooler with lush green grass longer into early summer, when the pastures down the hill have already turned dry; the clouds keep more moisture on the mountain as they seem to hang a while longer than in the valley. When the grasses finally turn golden from the sun, the sight of the full moon shining on the yellow fields of wild oats will take your breath away.

Improvements at a Glance

3,702 Total Acres
4 homes plus
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Culturally and historically, this Ranch has major significance as a cattle Ranch dating back generations, with now-perfected original homestead patents, the earliest of which dates back to 1886. As the pivotal connection between the Cholame Valley and San Miguel, Vineyard Canyon Road (at its peak here on Vineyard Mountain) was established in 1887 with $200 in gold coin and considered to be the biggest advancement in communication with the world outside of Parkfield. The historic Wayside Cross stands guard on a knoll, Invocation Point, overlooking the Ranch. On a tiny piece of land owned by a local church, it was dedicated in 1926 in memory of Bishop Nichols, 2nd bishop of California. This huge Celtic cross celebrates the majesty of these “sunlit hills” & stands on a spot oldtimers refer to as ‘the old stagecoach stop at the top of Vineyard Mountain’ on the old San Miguel – Parkfield Road.

Places unique to the Ranch such as, Iron Springs, Highway to Heaven and the secluded Hidden Valley, just to name a few, epitomize the rustic nature of this magnificent property, and are in keeping with the rugged character & historic charm of the region .


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